About Us

Nante Chemistry took its first step in its long-term commercial journey as a Turkish company with natural and functional product groups in 2009.
In the early stages of its establishment, it started to supply raw materials in menthol and sweetener groups to the chewing gum and confectionery industry. Today, it continues to serve various sectors, especially the Food, Food Supplement, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic and Animal Nutrition Industries, with increasing raw material groups.

Nante Chemistry provides its customers with a 'customer-oriented' service with a professional business approach by cooperating with global manufacturers that produce at world standards. By keeping customer satisfaction in the foreground, it provides technical support as well as raw material supply.

Offering a complete portfolio with its ever-growing product portfolio and first-class supplier base further strengthens its position in the market.

It has a strong position among the few professional companies in Turkey with its awareness in the sector and the trust it provides.

Mission: To follow new technologies and trends in the world and share them with our customers, to be in a long-term cooperation as a business partner that adds value to their work with innovative suggestions.

Vision: To be a company that grows faster than the market and always keeps its quality ahead of financial power.